Let’s Power Up Your Pinterest Account!!!

Imagine seeing your website traffic, the number of email subscribers and sales skyrocket - entirely hands free!


Hi I am Claire

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 I grew my pinterest followers to 2.1M followers over the last X months! At the same time my client roaster expanded as well. I’m so passionate about what Pinterest can do for you that I am accepting a handful of clients to also manage their Pinterest account.

Let me take over your Pinterest account while you sit back and enjoy your latte.

You deserve more eyes on that blog and content you have slaved over.

Let me help turn your Pinterest Account into one that improves the click-thru rates to your site, gets more followers and completes more sales.



You may think of Pinterest as a place to look for ideas about wedding planning, recipes or home design. And you would be right. But Pinterest is much more than that.

Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform.

Think of it like Google, only with targeted customers who are ready to buy.



Worried your customer isn’t on Pinterest? 250 million people use Pinterest every month.

Think only women use Pinterest? 50%+ of new sign-ups are men

Tired of other social media followers not delivering sales? The average order value of sales directed from Pinterest is higher than any other social media platform. 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest, and 93% of Pinners have used it to plan a future purchase (Pinterest, 2015).



You have a business to run. You don’t have time to personally manage and grow a Pinterest account.

Let me and my team take it on for you.

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web traffic increased by 125%!!!!!

This Could Be You!

In just a few short months Claire took my pinterst from lame to amazing while I sat back and sipped champaign.
— Shannon Happy Wife Style


2000 email subscribers

Meet Laurie Anne King

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It was so nice just being able to hand off my pinterest and watching it grow!
— Laurie-Anne King

Let’s get started


First step is to set up your Pinterest account for success. Every month I will use all my Pinterest tips and tricks to build your Pinterest account into one that brings eyeballs to your website content and turns those connections into sales.

Results take time. Which is why this is a minimum of a 3 month commitment and I only take on a handful of clients at a time.


To set you up for success we’ll start with:

  1. Hop on a 1-on-1 strategy call with me where we discuss your goals and opportunities

  2. I will conduct a Pinterest account evaluation -- this helps us both know where we need to start and what is already working

  3. I will create customized Pinterest strategy that aligns with everything we’ve discussed and what I discovered in the account evaluation

Then, I’m ready to rock and you can just relax.

Every month I will be:

  • Pinning, pinning and of course, pinning.

  • Cleaning up your boards.

  • SEO optimization on all your pinterest content.

  • Tracking all your stats and tweaking the strategy for maximum results.

You and I will also have a monthly check-in where I share with you the results to date and the next steps I’m taking to improve results.

    • Ready to get started? Here’s the fine print.


$300 set up fee

3 month minimum commitment

You’ll need your own Tailwind account (psst. It’s only 9.99 a month)

So Here Is What Happens Next


  • A welcome email explaining what to expect and the kind of strategies I plan to implement on your account.

  • An invitation to schedule a 1 on 1 phone call so we can understand your business and website goals and challenges.

  • An online questionnaire for us to identify your Ideal Customer and begin targeting them

  • A Pinterest account evaluation and strategic plan to put into action.

Who this is for:

  • You’ve got a loads of content on your site in the form of blogs and photos and you can’t wait to make more. << I can’t pin if there’s no content

You have a website that easily converts browsers to buyers...you just need more website browsers.<<< No point having all those website visitors if they’re not buying or using your affiliate links

  • You’ve got a product, service or blog where you can scale and take on more clients. <<< I want you to make money

Sign up today and get a 3 month Gold Membership at GetFoundStock.com which includes 15 high-res stock photos (your choice), access to a private Get Found Stock Facebook Group, 10% off 1-on-1 strategy sessions, 10% off courses, and social media content calendar.



How long does it take for me to see results?

To be honest, it depends. Some of our clients have seen results within a few weeks and others take a couple months. Our strategies and techniques must be implemented daily and some of the success relies on your having consistent fresh content on your website.

When can you get started on my account?

Once you sign up we’ll get you the forms we need to start learning about your account and your business. We’ll set up an appointment to chat with you live as soon as it fits in both of our schedules, typically 7 to 10 days.

Should I really be wasting my time on Pinterest?

As we’ve mentioned Pinterest is a search engine not just an ordinary social media platform. With some active attention it will very quickly become the number one referral source for traffic to your site. Don’t believe us? Spend a day focusing on Pinterest and check your analytics. Then imagine the impact and success your site will have with our Power Pinning Team working with you.


How long is the commitment?
We recommend a 3-month commitment. This will provide enough time to make the changes and see improvements to all your Pinterest analytics.

Shouldn’t I wait until I have more Pinterest followers, boards, and have Tailwind set up?
You sure could. But why wait? This limited time offer won’t be around forever. The longer you wait the longer your Pinterest account will be stagnant and not sending vital customer traffic your way.

Hand off your Pinterest account to us to grow your blog traffic and website daily  page views. We will use the same tools I used to grow my accounts and my clients accounts to get over one million monthly views but also grow their monthly email subscribers. #emailmarketing #blogging #pinterestmarketing #socialmediamarketing #girboss