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Does learning the ins and outs of Instagram feel like a BIG time investment, one you’re not sure is worth making?


All this talk about engagement metrics, business analytics, and the newest “shadow ban” has turned your eye-rolling into hair-pulling stress!

And don’t get you started on the Instagram algorithms; they seem to change every few days! *heavy sigh*

Instagram feels like a foreign language you just don’t have time to learn between meeting with clients, cleaning out your inbox,  and running your business #LikeABoss.

instagram  marketing course for wedding professionals. Learn how to find and attract with your ideal bride!


Get more bookings

directly from Instagram, not just followers on instagram


increase your organic engagement

through algorithm-friendly tactics

Attract brides from instagram

attract brides who

ask when you’re available instead of what your pricing is

see your work regularly featured

in wedding industry-leading publications

no more paid ads

ditch paid ads and focus

on word-of-mouth Instagram growth that works

Never have to worry about instagram

never have to worry

about having enough clients to pay rent!!




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Hey there!

I’m Claire Dobson, a  wedding and boudoir photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area who used to spend all my money on marketing with less than ideal results. I was just breaking even. Every month stressing out each time I went to the grocery store holding my breath when they used my card. Praying to god it would work and I could feed my child. I knew there had to be a better way to attract more of my ideal brides than throwing money at the wall to see what would stick.

Without a huge blog or social media following, I was able to strategically grow my Instagram from 900 to 15,000 followers in less than 9 months and it changed everything in my business...

I started charging more and attracting brides who didn’t blink an eye at my high-end pricing. I had my work published in several wedding publications like Ceremony Magazine and Glamor Brides. Most my brides find me on Instagram.

Let me help you create a winning Instagram strategy to help you increase your booking rate along with your social media following!

Capture Your Instagram course is for you if:

right arrow
  • You want a conversion-driven social media strategy that works with you instead of against you

  • You want to learn from a program tailored to wedding professionals

  • You want to be seen as the clear leader in your industry

  • You want to stop the daily grind and start booking out months in advance

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Capture Your Instagram course is not for you if:

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  • Your ideal bride isn’t on Instagram (Is she living under a rock?!)

  • You’d rather learn by experimenting on your own than skipping a few steps forward. (Okay, more like a lot!)

  • You don’t care about creating sales funnels or converting visitors (Your loss!)

Instagram marketing course

You wear too many hats to waste your time


learning how to effectively use Instagram to book more clients, gain more followers, and reach the next level of growth in your wedding business.


I’ve been right in your shoes, struggling to keep up with my overflowing to-do list where Instagram fell to the bottom of my priority list, but now I know better.


It took me years to learn everything I am going to teach you in 6 modules! This is the guide I wish I had 4 years ago!!!

That’s why I’ve already done the heavy lifting for you!

Say goodbye to outdated advice and hello to new & improved Instagram tactics!


An Instagram strategy that worked a year ago is different than what works now.


Here’s how Capture Your Instagram stands out from other Instagram courses on the market:


  • Focused on the Wedding Industry: service-based specialized strategies that help you attract the right brides, not just any clients

  • Instagram Funnels: creating feel-good sales funnels by crafting highly-converting CTAs and more

  • Instagram Stories: think outside your feed with tips on how to make an impact with your short photo and video clips

  • Instagram Pods: building communities and increasing your engagement in a smart, strategic way

  • Shadow Bans: what it is and how it could massively affect your following

  • Instagram Takeovers: increase your Instagram reach by partnering with relevant influencers in the wedding industry

  • Instagram Contests: my best kept secrets on how to increase your client bookings through successful giveaways

  • … and more!



Wait, so I can walk away from this course with an easy-to-implement, high performing Instagram strategy that will work as hard as I do?  


I created insta-success to be your ultimate cheat sheet to fast, feel-good Instagram marketing.


I rode the Instagram struggle bus for years before I learned the ins and outs of this massively powerful platform. Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned in X+ years in just 6 short weeks with you through this course. I’ve got you, girl.  



Module 1:

Telling your brand's story in photos!


Module 2:

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

instagram engagement

Module 3:

Create Conversion-Driven Instagram Content

edit photos for instagram.png

Module 4:

Masterfully Edit Your Instagram Photos to optimize engagement


grow instagram.png

Module 5:

Growing your tribe. Turing customers into followers.

instagram stories

Module 6:

Strategize with Instagram Stories


• Private Facebook group

•Members only Instagram pod

• Live Q &A

• Instagram profile critique by Me!

• 500 copy and paste wedding related hashtags









1. A one on one coaching call with me ($350 value)
In our hour long talk we can talk about whatever you like! We can talk about how to implement the things learned in this course or we can talk about what needs work. Your choice :)

 2. 10 free stock photos ($100 value)
No more looking for images on Pinterest that brides will like. The images I will share with you are proven to get a lot of likes on Instagram and I will share with you tricks on how to edit them so that they don’t look like everyone else’s


Value over $4000

Your price $297


What people are saying


Ashley grew her engagement!


"I did a beta test of the top hashtags in your bible against my most popular ones for the past week, and your hashtags actually performed better and brought in more people, genuinely engaged followers then my hashtag bundles did! 
So thank you so much!!" 

Ashley Watson
Copper + Co Photography



Drew learned how to attract his ideal client!

Photographers and creative types: if you’re reading this we probably have a lot in common.  If you’re thinking about Insta-Success - stop debating and just do it!!!   I have worked with Claire and Get Found HQ over the last year or so to help develop my branding, build my social media presence, refine my website and marketing, and to attract and connect with my ideal clients.  Claire is a wealth of information and experience.  Her knowledge and expertise have helped my business and brand to grow dramatically in a relatively short amount of time.  Claire’s attention to detail and ability to imagine the big picture while also developing step-by-step plans for achieving your goals - it’s really incredible.   Claire has been professional and quick to respond at every step of the process and she was incredibly patient with me at the beginning - during that time period where I didn’t even fully know what I needed + wanted. 

If you’re a small business owner, a photographer, a creative professional - investing in your brand and marketing is by far the best investment you’ll make all year.  And, Claire + Get Found HQ are exactly the solution you’re looking for in order to take that step up to the next level.  
Drew -


Karen is growing her Etsy business! 

I am new to Instagram and trying to weave my way through all of the tips & tricks of Instagram. I was excited to see your information on hash tagging!  I am starting to see a trend of more regular likes and followers, and adding to my list!! Which means it's starting to work!


- Karen


+How many modules do I get?

You will get 6 main modules plus an introduction module and a bonus module.

+ How will I get the course?

You will be delivered a link to access our teaching site. There you will be able to watch the videos and download the course material.

+ What Can I expect after I buy?

Once you click that button and make your payment you will get an email with instructions on how to log in and access the entire course. The first module will be released to you a week from the cart closing.

+How long will it take to finish?

The videos are as short and sweet as possible. You can easily watch all of the information in an afternoon, or space it out. It is set up so you can you digest all the info at your own pace.

+How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access to the course and facebook group.

+What is your refund policy?

There is a 14 day money back gurantee. I only ask that you have completed all the modules and put the information into place before you ask for your money back.