Sara and Nate How the Magic happened {Petaluma wedding photographer}


As I write the title to this I find myself cracking up. Not only because it is the most dorky blog post title but because this is what Sara said in her e mail to me about how they met! Let me back up. Sara and I met way way way before any magic happned. Like in fist Grade to be exact. We went to St Vincents and had the best unifors ever. We have remained in contact on and off over the years so I was stocked when she asked me to do some aniverisy pics of them!

Sara and Nate right after high school. Sara worked at Starbucks (which is why she is probably my sould mate) and Nate worked around the corner. Like every one with a starbucks addication Nate would come in frequently. Sara thought it was just because of the frappichinos however one day Nate made it clear his intentions were not the extra calories!! Beeing the sly dog he is he stole a #1 sticker form around the counter and stuck it on Sara's hand. Confused Sara asked "What is that for?" Nate replied "Your number one in my world"

Shortly after that Nate got up enough Nerve to ask her out and they have been together ever since:)

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