Motherhood… Taking it to the next level

For those of you who are parents already know this but like growing up parenting has different stages. I have officially crossed over and stared a whole new stage and did not think it would come so fast. My son Grant is 3.5, he is loud outgoing and can walk into a room of strangers and instantly be the center of attention. He is in every way the complete opposite of me and that is what I admire the most about him.
Today however I blew it. I woke up to puppy crazyness and 3 year old boy crazzness and very little caffinne in my system. I for some reason remebered it was grants costume day at his school… Or so I thought. After about 1.5 hrs of getting dressed getting lunch ready we were finally on our way to school. When we got there and walked in Grant wispers to me “Mom where is everyone’s costume” I told myself and him that they were just waiting till the parade to put them on. All the teachers were so nice and kept teilling him how wonderfull he looked as Robin {as in batman and robin}. I then suddenly got the nerve to ask if today was the costume parade… No it was not. I suddenly felt really bad but then looked at Grant with his hands on his hipps saying “MOM What did you do that for!” He could not look at any one else in the eye and made me take him to the bathroom to change. After that he told me I could take his costume home and get him later. 🙁

Sorry Grant. Here are some other pictures form me torturing him form a homework assignment that I had to do._MG_2124-Edit.jpg_MG_2089.jpg_MG_2100.jpg_MG_2115-Edit.jpg_MG_2157.jpg_MG_2162.jpg_MG_2172.jpg_MG_2183.jpg_MG_2185.jpg_MG_2188.jpg

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