Turtle the race horse

Turtle the horse Looks nice here but don't let him trick you
Fact : I spend way to much time taking pictures of my son Grant. Fact: Turtle the horse is my nemesis. My days before I was a mom and even before I was a photographer I spent my days and made a living taking care of and traning horses. I was pretty lucky to not only make a living doing something as cool as riding horses but I was able to spend my childhood with horses and learning what a special bond is created with these animas. When I was 6 or 7 my parents got me a pony and it was terrible so they signed my up for Pony Club hoping I would stop falling off and learn how to ride this thing. (it took manny year for my parents to learn I would never learn how to not fall off) .

One of my first days of Pony Club (don’t laugh it is not some made up club. Think of it like 4-h) there was a grooming demonstration where the older kids were showing the younger kids how to groom their horse. Being so small for my age I remember being terrified of the horse they were using. He was another girls Tahsa’s (we are still friends) and I only came up to about the top of his front leg not even his shoulder. I had never been around something so big but lucky for the whole 45 min demonstration he never moved. A few years lader Tahsa sold him to a lady down the street and I thought we would never see him again… Unfortunately for the last 20 years he has some how followed me where ever I go. One of my first jobs for money (not for slave labor or free board for my horse) was working at the ranch of the lady who turtle now owned and he owned the ranch as well. He would frequently be lame and need medication and special treatment which when he got he thought it would be funny to do is best to get out run straight at you or some other adolescent behavior. He has been such a pain in fact that people stopped ridding him and he has been retired since he was around 15-16. Years after this he came to live at my parents house where my mother treats him better then she ever did any of us and he consistently acts worse and worse every day. Just yesterday he ran into Dandy the Pony’s pen and refused to come out with out kicking at me. The funny thing is he LOOOOVES Grant and has ever since grant was a baby. He follows him around puts his head down for him and gets super jealous when grant rides his pony Dandy. I think he just likes little people more. No matter how obnoxious he is though at 26 years old Turtle has been in our lives longer then any other animal espicaly for an animal that we never choose he just choose us.


I make my kid walk around with a helmet just to be on the safe side


Dandy taking a very short brake form eating grass to see what grant helmet is made of


Grant thinks he is the horse wiper and has no fear. Which is why I make him wear the helmet.

Dandy needs to get as much food as possible in her system so she has no time to be friendly


behind the scenes zoo maddness


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