Choosing a wedding photographer and planner together

As some of you may know I work very closely with Megan Clark. She is one of my good freinds and working with her as a team is one of my favorite things. I wake up in the morning before our weddings together with butterflies  in my stomach (our relationship is totally platonic don’t worry).
Because of this we have put together some packages where if you book both of us you can save on both of our packages. If you would like more information on this please email me and I can give you the details.


For now we have the top reasons why hiring a photographer that works closely with a planner is so important!


Top 10 Reasons Why Hiring a Planner/Photographer Team will make Your Wedding Awesome


  1. Planning

If this was the only reason to hire a planner/photographer team, it would be enough.  Having a planner/photographer team will really benefit you during the planning process. Your planner will know what your photographer needs, your photographer will know what your planner needs…it just works!  Any of the more logistical details can be worked out between the two without having to concern you at all.  You can rest easy knowing that each and every detail of your day will be not only meticulously cared for, but beautifully styled and captured, as well.


2.)   Photo Styling

Taking engagement photos?  boudoir? maybe even a post wedding portrait or trash the dress session?  Most planner/photographer teams include professional styling for these items in their packages.  This means that your coordinator will help you find locations, design props and assemble styled “sets” based upon your unique vision and style for all of the photo sessions you have booked with your photographer. They will also handle the timing of the day, including hair and make-up appointments, transportation, venue management, and other logistics of the day.


  1. Family Photos

Family photos can be extremely stressful and time consuming without the proper coordination. It is very important that your coordinator and photographer are on the same page when it comes to who is taking which photos and when.  One of the biggest challenges couples face is corralling their bridal party and family members following the ceremony for photos. Hiring a skilled planner/photographer team can put an end to this issue, as most of them will have procedures in place to ensure a smooth and timely family session through a little extra coordination.


For example, Claire and I take a proactive approach to our family photo session.  We ask our clients to prepare a list of family photos they’d like taken, complete with the names of each family member to be included and then we use that information to develop a precise and efficient photo schedule, help you inform guests about when and where to go for photos, and to coordinate everyone on the day of. Our family sessions are always fast and efficient and it’s because of our experience working together and the planning we put in before hand.


  1. Timing

Most photographers offer packages ranging from 4 to 8 hours of wedding day coverage.  No matter which package you have chosen, precise planning and coordination is key to making sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. A planner/photographer team can not only advise you in the planning stages to help create a timeline that will ensure your photographer captures all of the evenings highlights, their experience and familiarity with each other will also create a logistical efficiency that will maximize the time available on the day of and, as a result, increase potential photo ops!


  1. Price

Most planner/photographer teams will have special packages which include both vendors’ services at an all-inclusive, reduced rate.  More often than not, they even throw some extras in there!

  1. Post-Wedding Support

Even though the wedding is over, your planner and photographer will still have some work to do.  Your planner will be busy tying up any loose ends and, if you’ve contracted them to do so, will be hard at work coordinating your brunch and/or honeymoon logistics and thank you cards.  Your photographer will be editing your photos and putting together any prints or albums you may have ordered. If you have contracted these vendors separately, you will most likely have to act as the liaison between the two for any remaining projects. However, if you have hired a team, you can sit back and relax and let them handle all of that work together.  All you will have to do is try and contain your excitement as you wait for all of it to be ready!  Maybe your new spouse can entertain you!


  1. Destination Weddings

Planner/Photographer teams are the perfect fit for your destination wedding.  These two people will be working very closely with you on your wedding day and, ideally, you will be comfortable and familiar enough with them to ensure that they add to the fun and excitement of the day and don’t distract from it with their strange and unfamiliar presence.  You want to KNOW them.  For that reason, couples often opt to hire photographers and planners near their hometowns whom they can meet and visit with at their leisure before the big day arrives. The benefit of hiring a planner/photographer team in this situation is that, not only will most planner/photographer teams share lodging and transportation (which saves you $$), but their familiarity and close proximity will allow for some great “behind the scenes” shots of your decor being produced and set-up, welcome bags being assembled and distributed, and your bridal suite being prepared for hair and make-up styling.


  1. Better Decor

Hiring a planner and photographer team will nearly double the decor and design expertise at your disposal.  It is true that planners are more known for their design savvy and extensive decor libraries, but don’t count your photographer out just yet.  They have to have something to shoot, right?  Most photographers are designers, as well; they have an eye for design, as well as a variety of props and decor at their disposal.  Together, your planner and photographer can create a gorgeous design that will impress your guests and look beautiful in photos.


  1. Versatility

This is perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of a planner/photographer team.  Separately, each vendor is responsible for the task which they were hired for.  A photographer takes photos and a planner…well, plans.  While both will undoubtedly perform well within their given task, they are often unprepared to assist in other areas.  A planner/photographer team has both the ability and willingness to “pitch in” where necessary.  The photographer’s battery is low?  I know where she keeps her back-ups.  Bridesmaid ripped her dress during photos?  The photographer has my sewing kit on her.  Whatever problem arises, your planner/photographer team will be much more equipped to handle it together then on their own.


  1. Fun!

Hiring a planner/photographer team is just more fun! If they’ve chosen to work together, they obviously like each other. And their partnership will undoubtedly make their jobs easier, so they will be less stressed and more carefree.


Claire and I are best friends.  We love doing weddings together and we love joking around with our clients.  Don’t get me wrong, we take our jobs very seriously and we will  “rock” your wedding, but we want to make sure that you have a little fun too!  It’s your wedding day!  We want you to smile, laugh and soak in the joy of the day.  Not only will you enjoy it much more, but it will also make for some gorgeous photos!

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