Meet Claire

Hey Love,

Nice to meet you, I’m Claire Dobson. Single mom, photographer, and creative entrepreneur.


From leaving an abusive relationship to being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus, I’ve learned the hard way to be mindful about the choices I make in life and business.


I know how hard it is to juggle your time when you’re running a business, raising your children, and trying to live your best life - and I’m sure you can relate! - which is exactly why I wanted to help creatives like you save time wherever I can.


Something I *know* I can help you with is your brand images. As well as your daily life from your Instagram account to your skincare needs.


As a photographer who has shot over 200 weddings, photographed Miss America, and been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, my mission is to help you get some easy tips to optimize your life so you can perform at your best.

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