Tips to have that stress-free wedding you have always dreamed about!

You have pictured your wedding day in your head time and time again. You have imagined all your bridesmaids, friends and family coming together. I bet you have pictured every detail to make your wedding special for all your guests and you. After all, your wedding represents not only two people's’ lives coming together, but it represents countless lost hours of free time.

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Everything you wanted to know about hashtags for your wedding business

Creating amazing content is obviously the best way to promote your business online. However, getting it seen can be a little tricky and is also the point. But how do you not only get your content seen with new eyes, but in front of the right ones? The ones who want your services and want to pay your prices?


Social Media engagement is key, but it is getting harder and harder to get your audience engaged with your content because with each websites algorithm they have made a secret social media handshake to see if your content is interesting or not. 


Part of this secret handshake has to do with the pound sign or AKA # hashtags. 

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How shooting for free can help you charge what you are worth

You are right this sounds like a crazy idea! However shooting for free in the right circumstances can lead to more validity and more of the right bookings. They also help you create content and look busier then you might be if you sit around and wait for the perfect client to come. You basically create the perfect client and show them their way to you. I know a lot of photographers who do shoot for free and ruining the industry and market for other photographers out there who actually have to pay their bills and rent a business legally. However there is a way you can shoot for free to build your business and eventually end up having the ability to charge more. Not create a business that is based on freebees and attracting clients who are just working with you because you are free or cheap.


If you are just starting out with your photography business then this is will help you a lot but even if you are a seasoned photographer you can get some tips from this for when you have hit a slow spot or want to start bumping up your prices.

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